Greatest Person to Ever Exist


don’t ever underestimate a gardevoir, they are VERY PROTECTIVE of their trainers, especially if they’re being harassed…

but hey! pokemon shaming is now my new favorite thing of the day. so here, have a sassy gardevoir proving her point with her supeawesome-totally-cool-and-kinda-scary psychic powers!

I was at a party and I have this one little cousin who adores my little pony and she loves to tell me about it but then she started telling me about how some character on the show kills others I asked her where she saw that and she told me she saw it online… Im scared what else she saw online now… 

Kirby is the only person who hasn’t let me down
Best Buy employee as I was buying Kirby Triple Deluxe (via tom-bass)


Monster Hunter Teostra and Gravios Plushies!


Love is complicated.